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  • Ali Foxen

Why You Should Choose Absolute Logistics for Your Rail Transport Needs 

Rail transport is one of the most efficient and economical ways to move your freight across the country. But not all rail service providers are created equal. You need a partner that can offer you more than just the basics. You need a partner that can help you optimize your rail shipping strategy, access the best train freight container capacity, leverage the relationships with all the major railroads, and trust the dedicated experts to help you improve your intermodal and rail shipping logistics. You need Absolute Logistics. 

Absolute Logistics is a leading 4PL company that specializes in rail transport services. They have been in the freight and logistics industry long enough to know that shipments do not always go as planned, so they do not take their service for granted and they treat your freight like it is their own. We have the technology that allows us to manage the exceptions so they can spot a problem before it happens and resolve it quickly and effectively. 

Absolute Logistics works with all Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Regional and Short Line railroads, which gives us the flexibility and versatility to develop and deliver effective routing options, secure cost savings, and manage sustainable rail cargo solutions for our customers. We have the extensive rail expertise that allows us the unique ability to offer a comprehensive range of solutions and service combinations, such as warehousing, trans-loading, drayage, and more. At Absolute Logistics we are about your needs and finding the best and most efficient solutions for you. 

Whether you need to ship bulk commodities, heavy equipment, or anything in between, Absolute Logistics can handle it with professionalism and excellence. We can help you improve your efficiency and manage your spending by building a rail shipping strategy that is based on your freight. We can help you access train freight container capacity—surge, spot, or committed—depending on your demand and budget. Absolute Logistics can help you leverage our relationships with all of the Class 1 Railroads so you’re not dependent on specific railroads. 

With Absolute Logistics, you can benefit from the best of rail transport services. We are your trusted partner in rail transport and all things logistics. Contact us today and see how we can help you move your freight faster, cheaper, and safer. 

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